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SIte Specific Sound Art för Harplinge Windmill, Sweden

The Swedish artist Mikael Ericsson have been working on this large scale installation for two years. The main idea is to give the windmill a completely new function and identity. The machinery of the windmill have been connected to a self playing pipe organ that produces sounds from the wind.

Over 300 organ pipes have been connected to a self-playing, mechanical machine with moving parts that vary from a few millimeters to over 20 meters.

In the summer of 2012 the installation was open for visitors to follow the daily process in the developing of the sound machine. The project continues with workshops and special events.

Photo galleri
Construction plan



Photos by Julijana Nemeti
14 July - 19 Aug 2012

Attimi is a project by Julijana Nemeti, focusing on the rural areas of Halland. It started out as a documentation of the work that is taking place in Harp Art Lab but is now developing into an art project of it's own. This series of photographies capture moments in the natural Swedish environment, sometimes the untouched nature. It could be the moment of a Swedish beach a cold and clear winter day or the dramatical development of the clouds in the skies above. The ambition is to capture what the eyes and mind meets every day without chasing or controlling the moments. The ever-changing nature and enviroment around us is the main actor in this photographical project.

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orkshop and concert at Harplinge Windmill
27-28 July 2012

Harp Art Lab presents an unique soundproject at Harplinge windmill. A workshop and a consert with young musicians under the direction of Bebe Risenfors.

The musicians will perform on all seven floors of the windmill, while the audience will listen on the first floor. The idea is to experiment with the acoustical possibilities of the windmill, and create a musical language that it's not affected only by sound, but also by distance and positioning. Mikael Ericsson's Millophonia for the first time in a live concert.

Rehearsals 27-28 july 13.00-18.00
Concert 28th July, 19.00
Free Entrance

Photos from the workshop...



Harpy is a creative workshop for the youth, both children and teenagers. The participants will spend a day in the windmill where they will get more knowledge about the sound installation Millophonia. The ambition is to make the participants interested and give the inspiration to create something on their own. The next step of the workshop is to create instruments using recycled materials, just as Millophonia was built. The creations of the participants will then be used as instruments of an orchestra and the sounds that are being produces will be recorded at published on our website and Facebook.

Photos from the workshop...

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