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HARP ART LAB is supported by and collaborates with

Harp Art Lab is an ongoing Leader project. The financial supporters are the European Union, Halmstad City Council, Region of Halland, Konst i Halland, Hallands Konstmuseum, Länsstyrelsen i Halland and a big amount of voluntary workers. The main goal is to create and develop an Art Laboratory in Harplinge, using the windmill as a base for the project and to create innovative collaborations on a regional, national and international level

Harp Art Lab is developing an Artist In Residence programme in collaboration with Region of Halland, Konst i Halland and Hallands Konstmuseum.

Mikael Ericsson has received financial support for the sound installation Millophonia from Framtidens Kultur and Kulturbryggan. Tylösand Sound is sponsoring with technology and support.

A preservation plan for the windmill has been signed. Between 2012 and 2014 the renovation will take place, with the support from Länsstyrelsen i Halland and Kulturmiljö Halland.

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